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About "KARD"

Contact KARD Computer Technology & Training Services ("KARD") to serve as your business and household's "reliable and affordable" technology service provider.  KARD's team of experts, consultants and trainers have established more than 25 years of experience, dedication and professionalism in computers, technology and training.  KARD is dedicated to serving the needs of our customers every day providing the best solutions for your individual and/or business needs. 

KARD Computer Technology & Training Services is co-owned and operated by Kim Anders & Rachel Dewell. Kim and Rachel's profiles follow providing further insight to KARD’s background/experience:  

Kim Anders is a consultant and trainer possessing over 30 years of experience, dedication and professionalism in computers, technology and training.  Kim has successfully coordinated and worked on several projects specializing in training and floor support for legal specific software migrations.  Along with her extensive knowledge of legal software, Kim is highly-skilled in all Microsoft applications, Office 365, OneDrive and SharePoint cloud environments; as well as iPad and iPhone devices and applications used personally and in business. 

Rachel Dewell is an IT professional with 20 years of experience in computer technology and support.  Rachel has managed support teams for large offices and has an extensive knowledge in hardware, software and networking used in both personal and business arenas.  Rachel is highly skilled in application support in both Windows and Mac operating systems as well as iPad, iPhone and blackberry devices.